"If ignorance was bliss then there would be a lot more happy people around."

Building confidence means dismissing any thought or fear of rejection. Keep saying what you need to say and acceptance will eventually take its place.

“Just let it be. You may as well; it is. Everything moves in and out at its own time. You have no control. You never did; you never will.”
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The most impactful events that take place in your life are usually completely out of your control.

Morbid Truth

It’s sad to think that what means something to you will not mean anything to anybody else until you are dead.

True love finds it’s place over time; a lot of time. Don’t ever expect to fall in love right away. If you do fall in love right away then the love probably won’t last, unless you’re lucky.

You can’t get too serious with anyone until you’ve gotten serious with yourself.


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